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Schools generally have a wide variety of legacy ICT equipment that they want to keep and have transferred to their new building. This creates a variety of issues, everything from whether the equipment is robust enough to survive the move, its fitness for purpose in the new building, new vs legacy operating systems, the costs to move it, warranties, heat output, power consumption, itegration into the new environment, the timing of the move if the equipment is actively used and so on.


During the bid process our team will actively engage with the schools to discuss these issues and agree the best solution for their legacy equipment. We do this within the context of the bid requirements, actively considering the issues around building handover and other important contractual details.

Our project managers have years of experience managing decant projects and during the bid process they will oversee the auditing of the legacy equipment and develop the project plans to take acount of these issues and many more.


Ribui technology can also provide the decant service that activates and delivers on these project plans. Our core team is used to working in new build and refurb environments, addressing the attendant issues that these bring such as security, decant phasing, working according to site regualtions to name but a few.