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The Ribui technology team always aim to design solutions that meet or surpasses each end-client’s expectations at the minimum cost. We are supplier agnostic and as such can take advantage of the the best technologies and pricing to meet the requirements on a case by case basis. Where another party is undertaking the technical element of the design we provide a QA / Design Consultancy role on the ICT infrastructure proposals.


Throughout the bid process we ensure that the infrastructure fully meets current and future education ICT requirements. We work with the building design teams to ensure the effective integration of ICT into the built environment. Our ICT designs will ensure that the infrastructure is flexible and will support different models of teaching and learning.


We undertake a full assessment of the school’s legacy ICT equipment, assessing fitness for purpose, as well as decant risk and cost and develop a “legacy vs new” cost benefit analysis for each school. As well as risk and cost, this analysis also addresses the energy and heat implications of legacy equipment.

Our project managers have years of experience managing decant projects and they will directly input into this process to ensure that we have considered and documented all of the decant related issues, including how and when it is possibe to decant equipment from a “live” school environment into the new school.


Our technical consultants work closely with the project managers to identify any integration issues and ensure that these are effectively resolved. We develop a full suite of detailed project plans and ensure that these are integrated into the overall building project plans. These give comfort to the client that ICT has been appropriately addressed and is not being considered an add on. We also address issues around mobilisation, handover and training, informed by extensive prior experience and a good understanding of how schools are run.

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