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The Ribui technology team has an excellent track record in developing winning ICT solutions for schools. The team has broad and deep experience of the education sector and is made up of ex-supplier side Bid Directors, Bid Managers and professional Bid Writers, supported as required by Technical Consultants and Project Managers with many successful school deployments under their belts.


We provide an ICT consultancy service that matches each client’s bid requirements. In some cases this will involve us providing both the educational and technical ICT designs and documentation, project management, legacy audits and risk assessment. In other cases we work with our client’s existing supply chain (M&E consultants, cabling and networking companies and the like) to ensure that the ICT response is educationally led and pervasively embedded throughout the bid documentation.

As part of our service we represent and champion ICT throughout the bid process, managing all of the relevant engagement meetings and documentation responses.


We share ICT design expertise with the school building design team and provide guidance for the ICT aspects of the building design.


We undertake any legacy risk assessments or heat and wireless modelling that are required and ensure that the ICT infrastructure fully meets current and future teaching and learning requirements.


We produce detailed technical designs and an itemised cost model that meets a Ready to Procure standard.